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hilary ward

the pragmatic cynic

An intelligent, reticent archetype. Closed-off, cautious and not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it saves her from drama in the long run.

Prototype: "Miranda" from Sex & the City

The unwavering moral authority

A dignified, elegant archetype. She is principled, steady, and willing to stand up for what she knows to be just.

Prototype: "Abby" from The West Wing

The awkward


This archetype has everyone snowed. She has all the outward signs of being on the ball but internally she is a panicked, insecure mess.

Prototype: "Gracie" from Miss Congeniality

the loyal caretaker

This archteype is self-sacrificing, loyal and nurturing, often to her own detriment. A people-pleaser, her fear of disappointing others motivates most of her choices.

Prototype: "Elinor" from Sense and Sensibility

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